Arm Pain With Throwing is NOT NORMAL

Arm pain with throwing is NOT NORMAL. If a baseball athlete is throwing with pain, this is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. With an increase in year round baseball and throwing volume, arm injuries are also on the rise. Read below the important steps of knowing when the symptoms are normal versus when they are not.

The important distinction to make is soreness vs pain. When a pitcher pitches 4 innings and throws 50+ throws, it is reasonable that they may have some arm soreness over the next day or two, but when is it more serious? We tell our athletes this: if the “soreness” is keeping your attention on you arm during non baseball activities and/or you can feel it at rest or sleep…this might be a sign of something more serious. Pain can be hard to describe for anyone, especially at the youth level.

The old school method of rest and ice is not backed up by research and is not fixing the true cause. A throwing evaluation and movement screen can outline why a baseball athlete is having pain in the first place. Often when a baseball athlete is having throwing pain and they rest it 2-3 weeks or even months, the same pain comes back again because the cause was not addressed.

Please listen to your kids and ask them if they are having pain before it is too late. Finding a medical provider that understands baseball throwing mechanics, rehab, and strength and conditioning is crucial in helping athletes return from injury or possibly prevent it in the future. Pain with throwing is NOT NORMAL.

Comeback Performance helps baseball athletes eliminate pain, optimize throwing mechanics, and maximize potential. Comeback Performance is unlike any other physical therapy practice and specializes in the transition from traditional physical therapy to the playing field, by bridging the gap between rehab and performance. “The Comeback is Always Stronger Than the Setback.”

Schedule a free discovery call with Dr. Joey, Brighton Physical Therapist, and we can set up a plan to schedule a throwing or performance evaluation and discover the WHY behind the injury in the first place and improve throwing mechanics, improve baseball performance and keep baseball athletes healthy long term.

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