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Stop your search for a physical therapist right now. I came across Dr. Joey by doing what all us millennials do – scrolling Instagram reels. What made him stand out to me was how much content he is putting out for everyone to utilize at no expense. This right there had shown me this is someone who has a passion to help people. I then thought to myself hmm maybe he can help me with my issues I have while running. I currently was training to run a half marathon and it wasn’t going so well. My foot would go completely numb not even 2 miles in. From there it would shoot up my whole leg. I thought I was never going to actually run this half until Dr. Joey stepped in. I messaged him with a general question and he reached back out right away wanting more details. We set up a zoom call and instantly I was blown away. I described my pain and what was going on and Dr. Joey right away knew how to help me with my numbness/pain in my foot. He was so so informative – he even pulled up diagrams to show me which muscles / tendons were causing my issues. He took his time to guide me through multiple exercises/stretches to ease my pain i had. Even though our interactions weren’t in person I could see/feel how passionate he is about physical therapy and helping people. He made me feel so comfortable. I got all the help I needed right from the comfort of my living room. Demonstrating each exercise/stretch and stopping when I had any questions. We discovered that the arch of foot was weak and I needed to do exercises to strengthen it.

The best part about it was I could do all these exercises from the comfort of my desk while working from home. We started working together back in January and now fast forward to April I have completed a half marathon with ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN. I honestly would quit my training if it wasn’t for Dr. Joey. So thank you Dr. Joey – I look forward to working with you on any other issues I have. I will also 100% be recommending him to all my friends for Telehealth and remote programming.


Dr. Joey is one of the best physical therapists out there! I’ve been working with him for almost a year now. I had a severe ankle sprain 3 weeks before my triathlon and CrossFit competition, Dr. Joey not only helped me recover for the running portion of the Triathlon but I was also able to get under heavy weight as well the following day for my competition. I highly recommend giving Dr. Joey a try he won’t let you down! I have coached CrossFit for years and send Dr. Joey crossfitters because I know he can help them and understands CrossFit and barbell movements. Best physical therapist in Brighton!


I first met Dr. Joey at a networking event. He mentioned he was hosting a shoulder pain workshop. I had shoulder pain so I went. There were 8 or so assessments he led the group in. I did terrible and failed the majority of the exercises.

I decided to sign up for 10 sessions of physical therapy with Dr. Joey. Every session we would warm up and run through the exercises I was given from the previous week. Every now and then we would do dry needling with stim to get my muscles working right. Dr. Joey explained the exercises he is giving me addresses areas in my shoulder where I had in mobility and strength issues. Dr. Joey explained the why behind each exercise and spent time showing me how to do each movement correctly. He did a great job of focusing on the specific things that I needed and explained how every clients program is different depending on what they have going on and their specific goals. That’s how my shoulder program was different than the others that were in the workshop. After the 10 sessions, I got a Google spreadsheet with all the workouts we went over. Now whenever I start getting shoulder pain again, I open up the spreadsheet and work through the list again. I am so grateful I decided to pull the trigger on going to the shoulder workshop and signing up for PT program. It has saved me so much frustration with arm and shoulder strength and mobility. Best physical therapist in Brighton. Highly recommend Dr. Joey. I give him 5 stars and a high 5!

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