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I am a high school catcher and play for Cobalt Baseball and I went to Dr. Joey because I was having issues in my squat depth. Dr. Joey found that I had limitations in my tibia and hip mobility, which impacted my mobility and squat depth as a catcher my entire baseball career. After only 3 sessions with Dr. Joey, I completely changed my squat form. I hit a new max squat of 355lbs, and Athletes and Trainers were shocked saying I had the deepest squat out of any of the other athletes. Dr. Joey guided me on what to do, showing me the why behind each exercise being shown. He created a game plan, having a program that changed weekly, allowing me to target areas where I needed work in my squat, completely changing it. He video recorded all of my exercises and made sure that I understood exactly what was needed to be done. Dr. Joey also would answer my texts immediately if I had any questions and would reach out in between sessions to make sure things were going according to plan. Best physical therapist in Brighton. If you are a baseball athlete Dr. Joey is the only person you should be seeing for baseball needs for physical therapy and baseball rehab/performance.

Tony T.

I am a baseball athlete and I have had a hip issue for as long as I can remember. My hip had not allowed me to squat and lift effectively. Baseball conditioning was difficult at times because I was limited by back and hip pain. I came to Dr. Joey after having seen several other physical therapists over the recent years and he was able to figure out what was going on immediately. I was having sciatic issues and he showed me how to glide the nerve and gave me video recorded exercises for me to do before lifting. He outlined the problem and gave me a clear way of attacking the problem. I have since been able to lift heavy and effectively without pain consistently. The videos were helpful and allowed me to do physical therapy exercises at home. Dr. Joey would text me to make sure that everything was going okay with the exercises and I would send him videos of me back squatting. Dr. Joey would break down exactly what he saw and outlined progress that I was making. Dr. Joey is your go to physical therapist for baseball physical therapy, rehab, and performance. Best physical therapy in Brighton and baseball rehab expert.

Will K.

Hi I’m Max Weber and I was experiencing tightness in my shoulder and constant pain in my elbow while pitching during baseball. I tried to play through the pain and it just got worse. I set up an appointment with Dr. Joey and after his assessment he knew exactly what the problems were. Dr. Joey is a physical therapist who understands baseball and he took videos of me throwing, breaking down in detailed steps my throwing mechanics. The videos were showing me how my mechanics were affecting my body and he corrected it. After every appointment my arm always felt great and after 2 years i’ve never had that type of pain again. Dr. Joey is a very personable guy that i could always talk to about random things that came to my mind. Dr. Joey is the go to for any throwing related pain and helped keep me healthy for my high school baseball career. If you are a baseball athlete having pain or wanting to improve performance, Dr. Joey will help you reach your full potential. Best physical therapist in Brighton.

Max W.

Our son Aaron has a love of all sports but dedicates himself the most to baseball. He has already made plans to continue playing at the collegiate level. We first met Dr. Joey through a recommendation when Aaron was having shoulder pain and suddenly lost his velocity when throwing. Dr. Joey understands the mechanics of what the body is doing when throwing a ball. He knew exactly what happened to Aaron’s shoulder and through in person visits and PT “homework”, he had Aaron feeling great again. Then a couple years later Aaron had an unfortunate injury during basketball. He had a severe high ankle sprain and a fractured growth plate. With zero hesitation, we reached out to Dr. Joey. He worked intensely with Aaron to get him through the initial acute phase of the injury, and then ongoing rehab to get him back to baseline. He was cleared the day before baseball tryouts to run again! Aaron never would have been ready without Dr. Joey’s expertise. Dr. Joey understands athletes and very specifically baseball athletes. As an athlete you never expect to be taken out by an injury but know that it happens. We at least always had the security of knowing Dr. Joey was there and would know what to do. Our family would highly recommend Dr. Joe to anyone with PT needs! Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Robyn G.

Arm injuries in overhead athletes are difficult to navigate as many sport teams compete year round. In my experience many healthcare providers do not understand how to work with these athletes besides telling them to rest an injury until the pain is gone. Not only does Dr. Joey achieve quick results with return to sport after an injury, his treatment strategies promote longevity with injury reduction/prevention. Dr. Joey video records his throwing athletes for throwing evaluations and explains flaws and things to improve upon. He then implements this into rehab and performance programs to improve throwing mechanics. I would recommend Joey to any of the athletes I coach for both preventative care and physical therapy services. Best physical therapy in Brighton. He’s the best in the business for baseball and softball rehab and physical therapy!

Kacyee H.

I would trust Dr. Joey and his musculoskeletal knowledge for any of my friends or family who were rehabilitating from an injury. He is passionate, an expert in his field, and very personable. As a former NCAA division I athlete, I know Dr. Joey also has the necessary sports knowledge to bridge the gap between physical therapy and higher level athletics. Dr. Joey understands the demands of basketball and other sports at a very high level and is able to use this to individualize rehab and performance programs. Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Josh J.

Dr. Seyforth has been a huge contributing factor to my previous and current success in athletics and sport performance. As a previous Division 1 athlete, I came to Dr. Joey with a lot of lingering injuries and problems, and he was able to help me with all of them. Because of his ability to communicate, and his deep knowledge in sports performance, he has become a mentor, friend, and therapist that I trust deeply with my healthcare. I have always received far more than I paid for with Dr. Joey, and I enjoy any chance I get to work with him. He is my top recommendation for any athlete who is tired of status quo Physical Therapy, and has made the decision to take their performance to the next level. He has extensive knowledge and expertise with athletes and I would send him any high level athlete without question. Best physical therapy in Brighton, and what you get is not even comparable to standard physical therapy. If you want results, Dr. Joey is your guy!

Isaac H.

As a fellow CrossFit enthusiast, I highly recommend Dr. Joey Seyforth as a Physical Therapist for anyone looking to improve their performance in CrossFit. His expertise, attention to detail, and personalized approach have helped us overcome injuries, improve our strength and mobility, and ultimately enabled us to reach new fitness levels.

Dr. Joey’s knowledge and passion for his work are truly inspiring, and we are grateful for his guidance and support on our fitness journey. His unique understanding of CrossFit sets him apart from other physical therapists, who might advise against the sport. Dr. Joey coaches CrossFit and applies his comprehensive knowledge from both a coaching and physical therapy perspective.

We are incredibly pleased with our progress under Dr. Joey’s care and will be referring our CrossFit friends to him. Hands down, he is the best physical therapist in Brighton for CrossFit enthusiasts.

Jesse C.

I can’t recommend Dr. Joey enough. He helped me recover from severe shoulder tendinitis on both shoulders and put on 50 pounds of weight on to my bench max from 225 to 275 in a couple months. I would have pain sitting in class and even driving and nothing seemed to help, I even had an MRI of both shoulders. He also taught me new stretches and workouts to help my shoulders stay healthy and provided me with the tools to do so. I’d highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Joey about any limitations or bodily injuries. Dr. Joey also video’d me doing back squats as well and found out why I was having low back pain. He then made a program to help with low back pain I was experiencing as well. Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Wyatt P.

I originally went to Dr. Joey for physical therapy after bruising my ribs while playing soccer. My goal was to do rehab to prepare for an upcoming Spartan half marathon. After an evaluation, he also identified a lack of mobility in my left hip. We were able to address both simultaneously and the outcome was that my hip mobility increased a ton and I was able to compete in the race with no rib pain! I really appreciated Dr. Joey’s attention to detail, how he approached my injuries as a whole, and how he customized my treatment plan after I progressed faster than expected. I was given videos of my exercises to complete at home and he was very easy to get a hold of with a quick text message if I had any questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Joey to others and will be back if I require physical therapy in the future! Best physical therapist in Brighton.

Will L.

Dr. Joey is an amazing person, he is a very helpful physical therapist, he is one of the most supportive and optimistic people I know. He will always push you to do your best, and he is one of the best people to help you get better! Dr. Joey wrote a gameplan for me and would video exercises to show me exactly what I needed to do in between sessions. Best physical therapist in Brighton.

Bode B.

Stop your search for a physical therapist right now. I came across Dr. Joey by doing what all us millennials do – scrolling Instagram reels. What made him stand out to me was how much content he is putting out for everyone to utilize at no expense. This right there had shown me this is someone who has a passion to help people. I then thought to myself hmm maybe he can help me with my issues I have while running. I currently was training to run a half marathon and it wasn’t going so well. My foot would go completely numb not even 2 miles in. From there it would shoot up my whole leg. I thought I was never going to actually run this half until Dr. Joey stepped in. I messaged him with a general question and he reached back out right away wanting more details. We set up a zoom call and instantly I was blown away. I described my pain and what was going on and Dr. Joey right away knew how to help me with my numbness/pain in my foot. He was so so informative – he even pulled up diagrams to show me which muscles / tendons were causing my issues. He took his time to guide me through multiple exercises/stretches to ease my pain i had. Even though our interactions weren’t in person I could see/feel how passionate he is about physical therapy and helping people. He made me feel so comfortable. I got all the help I needed right from the comfort of my living room. Demonstrating each exercise/stretch and stopping when I had any questions. We discovered that the arch of foot was weak and I needed to do exercises to strengthen it.
The best part about it was I could do all these exercises from the comfort of my desk while working from home. We started working together back in January and now fast forward to April I have completed a half marathon with ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN. I honestly would quit my training if it wasn’t for Dr. Joey. So thank you Dr. Joey – I look forward to working with you on any other issues I have. I will also 100% be recommending him to all my friends for Telehealth and remote programming.

Michelle D.

I was referred to Dr. Joey by Cobalt Fitness Owner, Todd Tantillo. I was training when I felt a bad pain in my hamstring. After trying other options to help my hamstring, I am happy that Dr.Joey had a well made, personalized program to help me heal. The physical therapy for my hamstring strain was professional and my experience during my healing process was very organized and pretty simple to follow, with movements to do at home being very easy to follow. Dr. Joey video recorded my exercises and wrote an individualized gameplan to address my soccer needs and getting back onto the field. I highly recommend Dr.Joey to anyone with a physical injury seeking to go back to a pain free life. Best physical therapy in Brighton and I would recommend any of my teammates and soccer friends to see him for physical therapy and improving soccer performance.

Isaias B.

First and foremost, Dr. Joey is godsend! I am a fairly active person, participating in recreational sports and exercising 5-6 times a week and had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Joey for physical therapy when I incurred an elbow impingement in my right arm and some lower back pain from these activities. Being a stubborn person, I initially ignored it for months, thinking it would eventually subside, however the pain became increasingly noticeable more often as I continued about my daily activities. I knew that I needed a physical therapist and heard about Dr. Joey. Upon our initial meeting, it became apparent that Dr. Joey was very personable and understood my concerns. He had me do several stretches, applied dry needling, and adjusted me in ways that I could have never performed on my own. After weekly visits for several weeks, I could immediately see an improvement. I took his recommendations and performed daily stretches to alleviate the lower back pain and elbow.nIt worked! I recover much faster now. I genuinely felt like I’ve re-entered my prime when I was in the best shape of my life a few years ago. Thank you Dr. Joey for everything! Best physical therapy in Brighton and I will never hesitate to send friends and family to see him.

Dennis N.

As someone who enjoys various activities in Colorado, I tend to get injured every now and then. However, my injuries started to accumulate, so I went to see Dr. Joey for physical therapy after suffering a torn shoulder and a hip injury from two separate snowboarding accidents. Dr. Joey didn’t just focus on treating the injuries, but also examined how other areas of my body were compensating and causing difficulties in other activities. Dr. Joey recorded my running and broke down exactly what was different side to side with my running pattern. I made one change that evening and went for a run and it was a complete game changer. Through a variety of treatments, my shoulder pain disappeared completely, my mile pace improved by a full minute, and I’ve been able to enjoy several months free from hip and sciatica pain. The running rehab was a game changer. Dr. Joey provided me with the perfect movements and exercises to address my issues, and after my first session with him, I felt hopeful that I could continue doing what I love without experiencing pain and discomfort that I had been dealing with for years. Dr. Joey is the physical therapist you need to see and is not comparable to other PT’s out there in Colorado. Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Keghan C.

I came to Dr. Joey after he visited my CrossFit gym and was open and willing to talk to me about my neck pain. I had been going to a chiropractor for years and it just wasn’t fixing my pain. It was a temporary fix and I needed a change. Dr. Joey continued to work with me several times a week (I needed it!) and we were able to move to a couple times a week within a couple of months. During our time he gave me several different stretches and exercises to do before and after my CrossFit workout. Dr. Joey is a CrossFit coach and understand the mobility and strength requirements. It was so nice to not have constant neck pain and feel confident to lift heavy again and not fear that I was going to hurt myself. Overall I was highly recommend Dr. Joey to anyone trying to get back to where they were or want to get somewhere they never have been! Can’t thank you enough Dr. Joey! Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Laura H.

I worked with Dr. Joey for about 2 years and he helped me rehab through injuries that I sustained while playing soccer – ankle sprains, knee bursitis, etc. We did Blood Flow Restriction, dry needling, exercises, and soft tissue massages to help me not only with recovery but with strengthening as well. I currently play D1 soccer at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and am able to do so at a high level because of my work with Dr. Joey and Comeback Performance. I highly recommend Dr. Joey to anyone who is in need of physical therapy.

Luke H.

Dr. Joey is an exceptional physical therapist. He listened to my concerns and tailored the treatment plan to my needs and used various techniques to help reduce my neck and nerve pain that limited my mobility during CrossFit. Dr. Joey is a CrossFit coach and understands the demands on the body and knows exactly what is needed. I would recommend Dr. Joey to anyone in need of a skilled and caring physical therapist. Thank you Dr. Joey for your help! Best physical therapist in Brighton.

Andrew B.

I first met Dr. Joey at a networking event. He mentioned he was hosting a shoulder pain workshop. I had shoulder pain so I went. There were 8 or so assessments he led the group in. I did terrible and failed the majority of the exercises.

I decided to sign up for 10 sessions of physical therapy with Dr. Joey. Every session we would warm up and run through the exercises I was given from the previous week. Every now and then we would do dry needling with stim to get my muscles working right. Dr. Joey explained the exercises he is giving me addresses areas in my shoulder where I had in mobility and strength issues. Dr. Joey explained the why behind each exercise and spent time showing me how to do each movement correctly. He did a great job of focusing on the specific things that I needed and explained how every clients program is different depending on what they have going on and their specific goals. That’s how my shoulder program was different than the others that were in the workshop. After the 10 sessions, I got a Google spreadsheet with all the workouts we went over. Now whenever I start getting shoulder pain again, I open up the spreadsheet and work through the list again. I am so grateful I decided to pull the trigger on going to the shoulder workshop and signing up for PT program. It has saved me so much frustration with arm and shoulder strength and mobility. Best physical therapist in Brighton. Highly recommend Dr. Joey. I give him 5 stars and a high 5!

Mike B.

Dr. Joey

As a long time friend and fitness professional, I have had a front row honor of seeing Dr. Joey who he is today: THE Doctor of Physical Therapy who will make sure you comeback stronger than you were before. Dr. Joey has taught me that moving and strengthening your area of pain or discomfort often leads to the comeback. He is thorough, thoughtful, and actually cares about YOU. Dr. Joey knew he was going to be a PT since he was in high school, and made his own comebacks from sport injuries and his fitness journey. His knowledge of barbell movements for CrossFit and olympic weightlifting help outline individualized gameplans for each client. He has helped me understand my own movements better, as well as offered countless pieces of knowledge and advice for me to use as a fitness professional. Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Zack K.

I worked with Dr. Joey for chronic shoulder pain that would bother me whenever I would workout or lift my arm overhead. I cut back from going to the gym and would have to modify my workouts and use lighter weights. I was not sure what to do until Dr. Joey did a physical therapy evaluation and outlined why I was having pain. Dr. Joey video recorded my shoulder movements and gave me an anatomy lesson with an ipad app that made so much sense. He actually listened to me and had me do movements that bothered my shoulder to assess the movements. Now I am back in the gym and have zero shoulder pain. I feel a lot more comfortable with exercises in the gym. Dr. Joey told me he would teach me the tools that I needed and that was exactly what he provided with online programming in between sessions and checking in to make sure I was doing the exercises without issues. I will be sending my friends and family to him for physical therapy. Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Brent G.

I saw Dr. Joey for plantar fasciitis and knew I needed to see a physical therapist. He did not treat my foot in isolation, but was also able to evaluate and identify imbalances and weaknesses in my hips and glutes that were contributing to the strain on my foot. Dr. Joey taught me exercises to target these areas, and by doing so, he not only helped my foot issues, but he also improved my overall strength and balance, which has really helped me to ski and run better, and without pain. I was given an online program with exercises that helped keep me accountable and Dr. Joey gave me progressions every week. Highly recommend Dr. Joey for physical therapy services, best physical therapy in Brighton!

Trish F.

Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance helped me rehab from a nagging shoulder injury that first started with heavy bench pressing but then turned into an everyday pain. I should have listened to my body but I continued to push through the pain until it got worse. I tried to take time off from lifting at the gym until the pain went away and then it came right back after 3 weeks off.

I saw Dr. Joey for physical therapy and he found significant weakness in my painful shoulder in the posterior muscles and found that I was compensating during bench press and other pressing movements. He recorded me lifting my arms overhead and showed me what my shoulder blades were doing and the differences side to side was significant. I have seen other physical therapists for previous injuries in sports, but Dr. Joey knew exactly during that first session what was going on and explained it to be with an ipad anatomy app.

I saw Dr. Joey for 6 sessions over 2.5 months and cannot explain how much better my shoulder feels now. Overhead and pressing movements feel a lot more stable and I feel confident that I will not have shoulder pain again. Best physical therapy in Brighton, and if you are a barbell athlete Dr. Joey will not only fix your problem but make sure you get stronger with other barbell movements too.

Jake H.

I’ve had chronic hip pain/problems for years. I’ve seen providers in the past who told me to simply use a lacrosse ball or foam roller to apply pressure for relief. This did not work for me. When I saw Joey, he gave me a thorough assessment and gave me MULTIPLE exercise and movements to work through. He also helped me with exercises that helped build my strength. Today I’m able to implement the exercises he taught me and I’m stronger than before with NO pain and my hip hasn’t gotten stuck!

Aaron K.

Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance & Wellness is exactly the kind of health care provider you want in your circle. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about his work, and a complicated case will only light a fire inside!
He is truly focused on making sure the root of your concern is addressed, and not just prescribing a cookie-cutter rehab regimen. Dr. Joey works well with barbell and baseball athletes and is able to create individualized game plans that address everyone’s specific needs.
Although he didn’t see me for a specific injury per se, he is my go-to guy whenever I have inevitable aches and pain from weightlifting. He’s helped me improve my overall functionality, biomechanics, and it’s always fun watching his ingenuity with exercise-based prescription. Best physical therapy in Brighton, and I would send my family and friends to him in a heartbeat.

Mollie M.

I saw Dr. Joey for back pain that I had on/off for 3 years. Every summer it would flare up when I would do yard work and there would be days that I had to take ibuprofen multiple times per day to get through working. I had seen two chiropractors and one physical therapist that gave me a few stretches that helped for a week or two. Dr. Joey video recording my movements and found that my pain would happen when I would bend forward repeatedly, which is exactly what I was doing with yard work.

Dr. Joey taught me proper hip hinging patterns and had me do kettlebell deadlifts and other exercises to strengthen my back. I was told exactly what to do at home with my online programming and Dr. Joey would text me between appointments to make sure everything was going well. I have never heard of a physical therapist doing this and it was great for holding me accountable to the gameplan. I learned so much about my back and Dr. Joey made everything so clear with his ipad and anatomy app. He was the first one to give me an answer for my pain and also a solution. I do not have back pain anymore and I have been doing a lot more yard work since seeing Dr. Joey with my landscaping business. Thank you for helping me feel better and get my life back. Best physical therapy in Brighton, and the answer for your back pain.

Noah S.

Joey is incredibly knowledgeable. I enjoyed his clinic for crossfit athletes on mobility and how his clinic for physical therapy in Brighton can help me improve. I look forward to continuing to work with him!

Cristal S.

Comeback Performance & Wellness and Dr. Joey are amazing! I have had back problems on/off for years and went in for help. I have tried multiple physical therapists and would only get mild improvements at best. Dr. Joey video recorded me squatting and lifting and took out an anatomy app on his iPad to explain what was going on. I have seen multiple physical therapists but he was the first one to actually record me moving and break down my mechanics. I left the first session feel good about the game plan. Dr. Joey wrote me a program that kept me accountable and explained why I was to do each exercise. He would check in with texting to make sure everything was going okay. My back is feeling GREAT! I am back to lifting with squatting and deadlifting pain free and have gotten back into my gym routine. I would come in one time per week for a few weeks and then we spaced out the sessions as I was feeling better. I have seen other physical therapists for 16+ sessions and Dr. Joey got me feeling better and back to fulling working out in only 6 sessions. I will be recommending friends and family to Dr. Joey and Comeback Performance. Best physical therapy in Brighton, and I am confident he can help many others like me.

Hannah M.

Joey is Outstanding! He’s Knowledgeable, motivating, and dedicated. He has transformed my 15-year-old soccer player’s body and mind, delivering tailored workouts and unwavering support. Zane is stronger, healthier, more skilled, more confident, more motivated, and incredibly proud of his own achievement! I can’t recommend Dr. Joey enough! He continues to positively impact my son’s life daily!

Solara C.

I’m glad I found Dr. Joey after weeks of sciatica related pain! Walking in like an 80 year old man at just 25 was kind of embarrassing but Dr. Joey made sure to help me get back to normal. Immediately after my first appointment I felt the difference, which made me trust him and sign up for 7 weeks of therapy. Through dry needling, cupping therapy and lots of exercises and genuine care I’ve been able to feel normal again. It’s great to have people like Dr. Joey in our community who truly care about their patients and getting them back to where they need to be! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Christian M.

I was referred to Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance & Wellness after having shoulder pain. I took a month off from the gym but when I started working out again the pain came back. I went to another physical therapist for 2 months but I continued to have pain with bench, push ups, and curls.

My friend told me to go see Dr. Joey and after the first session I was impressed at how he outlined the problem, told me exactly how we were going to fix it and even programmed for me to complete workouts on top of rehab exercises. Dr. Joey video recorded me during shoulder movements and broke down on the ipad what was going on. I was shocked to see the difference from my shoulders and also found out I was uneven on my bench press. The other physical therapist never video recorded me once in the 2 months. The sessions were also reasonably spaced out and were at least 7-10 days apart.

After completing the rehab, I have had zero pain and I was back to benching in 2 visits after coming to Dr. Joey. I have now worked back up to weights I was doing a year ago and feel stronger than ever. My shoulders both feel great and the stability and strengthening exercises have made all the difference and I continue to add them into my warm up.

I will refer friends and family to Comeback Performance, the professionalism, attention to detail, and results speak for themselves. Thank you for helping me get back into the gym. Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Jordan A.

Dr. Joey’s evaluation, assessment and recommendations for my sciatic nerve issues were spot on. His recommendations were specific to me. He addressed the root issue, which gives me confidence knowing that I will be able to manage any flair ups quickly with the prescribed nerve glides!

Erika M.

Dr. Joey is amazing at what he does! He takes a holistic approach in addressing your problems and does a thorough job to ensure you are on the best path to pain-free as he prescribes various techniques crafted to you. I’ve had low back and hip pain for years and with his prescribed exercises and dry needling I experienced more progress in three sessions with him then I have with any other practitioner alike. As an athlete I am always looking to optimize the functionality of my body and he has helped tremendously with identifying places of neural tension and weakness and providing exercises to improve. Super knowledgeable and does right by his patients! Keep up the good work Dr.!


Joey is the best, I hurt my back during a CrossFit workout and went straight to Joey for some help. The first day I saw Joey I couldn’t stand up straight and was in an immense amount of pain. He put me through a plethora of different exercises and used dry needling to loosen my muscles up and get me back in shape for a competition in the coming weeks. I would have been out for over a month if I didn’t go see Joey when I did. He got me more than ready to compete at a high level and hit PRs when I was unsure if I would even get to compete. I now have more knowledge about my own body and back than I ever did before. I am more than thankful for his help!

Layne G.

Comeback is by far the greatest place for injury prevention and recovery. The free stuff is cool and helped my shoulder quite a bit, however, the team for me to peak performance with my throws. The staff is super kind, considerate, fluid, and quick to respond!

Owen J.

oe has done an amazing job of helping me rehab my knee. I tore my ACL, MCL, and Meniscus while skiing a while back. My knee was a total mess. With Joe’s expert guidance I have made my way back to being stronger, more flexible, and healthier than I was before. Without Joe I would never have realized some of the underlying muscle weaknesses I had that probably contributed to my initial injury. He has a great way of finding the perfect strength-building exercises for me to do that have helped make my rehab feel very personalized and effective. I had never experienced dry needling before Joe introduced me to it, and I found it to be extremely helpful in my recovery process. He has taught me many new weight techniques and rehab exercises that target my specific knee issues. It isn’t easy to be taken down by an injury that requires extensive rehab, but Joe has made the entire recovery process much easier for me to handle. He is always willing to listen and to try all kinds of different things. He approaches every patient with kindness and professionalism, and he really encouraged me on difficult days when it felt like I might never get back to where I was before the injury. I gained a friend when working with Joe, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an expert that will help them bounce back after an injury!

Hollie R.

Dr. Joey is amazing. He has allowed me to take a step further with my baseball career and really step up my game. I was having elbow pain and was getting ready to go to college for baseball. Dr. Joey wrote me an online program and told me exactly what I need to work on to help with the elbow pain.

I feel confident now in things I need to work on to fix the elbow pain with throwing. Dr. Joey is the go to baseball specialist for arm pain with throwing and baseball performance. Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Adrian S.

I first met Joey at our CrossFit gym and then attended his shoulder mobility workshop. A few months prior, I took a hard fall skiing and was unable to do any kipping movements on the cage because of shoulder pain. I started seeing Joey after the shoulder clinic, he was very thorough in figuring out where the pain was coming from and gave me mobility and strength exercises to do at home. Each session he evaluated my mobility and progressed my exercises as my mobility and strength increased. After 3 sessions I was back on the cage doing toes to bar without pain. I had 6 sessions over 2 1/2 months. I even hit a new PR on an overhead squat! I highly recommend Joey, he is very knowledgeable and thorough.

Cindy J.

Joey is amazing I have seen several Physical Therapist in the past and they have nothing on Joey. You can really tell he has a true passion for Physical Therapy I highly recommend him!

Alex P.

I had an amazing experience at comeback performance! Dr. Joey used his knowledge to give me treatment rather than just targeting the symptoms! I am looking forward to reaching my CrossFit goals and becoming the BEST athlete and version of myself I can be. This is definitely the best physical therapy I have ever been to in Brighton!


I saw Dr. Joey Seyforth at Comeback Performance for shoulder pain with sleep and lifting overhead. I was starting to have pain washing my hair and grabbing a cup out of the cabinet. I felt like I was 90 years old and was not sure what to do. I started researching stretches and exercises on youtube and getting zero results, I think they were actually making it worse.

My friend said to see a physical therapist that works with shoulders. I was recommended to Dr. Joey by a co-worker who also was having shoulder issues. I saw Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance and the results speak for themselves, I am having zero pain in the shoulder, can sleep on my side again without issues, and started working out again to strengthen my body and in Dr. Joey’s words, “make it more resilient.” Dr. Joey video recorded me lifting my arms overhead and started addressing the why behind the pain by adjusting my shoulder blade positioning, the pain was gone as soon as he placed it in a different position.

He also did strength testing and other assessments and created a gameplan for me at home for exercises to help with my shoulder blade mobility and to gain more strength in my rotator cuff muscles. I learned so much about the shoulder during our sessions and was very pleased with my progress. If you are having any shoulder issues, go see Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance and he will make you feel better and stronger. Best physical therapy in Brighton and always happy to help send people his way that want results.

Preston B.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Joey and he legit is the most knowledgeable, personable, and hardest working physical therapist out there. He is constantly pushing his clients and helping them get back to what they love to do. If you are in any type of pain or would even benefit from improving lifting mechanics, he is your guy. He is constantly furthering himself as a physical therapist by educating based off the latest research and he won’t stop until it’s right. Dr. Joey video records movements and then backs it up with other assessments to understand the root cause of the injury or pain. He then devises an individualized program for the client in front of then to get them better. You don’t get this at any other physical therapy place. Highly recommend paying him a visit and I promise you he won’t let you down! Best physical therapy in Brighton, and the go to for baseball rehab and performance.

Bridgette J.

I always thought I needed a Doctor to refer me to a PT until I met Joey. He has been amazing at helping me understand what I need to work on and how to do so. I can’t wait to see how much stronger and more stable my shoulders can be.

Ashley F.

I had a wonderful experience at Comeback Performance & Wellness! Dr. Joey is very professional and knowledgeable in all areas. He is great with one on one instruction and not only meeting you where you are at but adding a push when necessary. His approach of video recording movements, breaking down mechanics, and discovering the why behind injuries is amazing. Personalized gameplans at home in between sessions are huge for making sure progress continues to grow at home. I highly recommend Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance whether you’re looking to get back into fitness and nursing an athletic injury or have been dealing with chronic pains, he knows how to help! Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Allison M.

I had pain in my hip & lower back area for 10 years and had tried many things to alleviate it – massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, other PTs. It was getting bad enough that I was feeling like it was affecting my abilities in the gym. No one was able to help me as much as Joey has. He finds and treats the cause of the pain, instead of just addressing the symptoms. He has helped me to get stronger, have far less pain, better mobility and gain my confidence back when lifting. It’s really a different experience than seeing any other PT. I wish I would have found him sooner and I definitely recommend him, especially to athletes.

Jessica W.

I would highly recommend Dr. Joey Seyforth for any injuries that you may be dealing with. Dr. Joey does an outstanding job assessing for injuries and using movement screens to find out the root cause of your problem, whether that be pains associated with Crossfit or shoulder and elbow issues that commonly come about with baseball. He has the knowledge to progress rehab for your body to be fully prepared to return to your sport. I also made multiple referrals to Dr. Joey for a video analysis of throwing technique for my baseball athletes and he provides feedback for adjustments and exercises needed to correct any deficits. Again, I would highly recommend Dr. Joey as your rehab professional. Best physical therapy in Brighton and your go to for baseball rehab and performance.

Matt D.

I saw Dr. Joey for foot pain with running and it was a great experience! We went through movement assessments with video recording and he was able to outline the WHY behind the pain in the first place. We utilized tools such as dry needling and blood flow restriction that both helped a ton with the rehab process. Dr. Joey would use his anatomy app on the ipad to explain and demo what he believed was going on. The exercises were great and I was able to add them into my normal workout routine. Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Erin E.

After months of dealing with pain in my shins I finally gave in and asked for help. Dr. Seyforth was very kind and compassionate when I told him about my problems and broke down the anatomy of my leg for me simply enough for me to understand. He asked me about my training, my nutrition and helped me choose some modified exercises that can keep me moving the way I’d like to be moving. Dr. Joey broke down where I was and what was most likely causing my issues. It’s been a couple weeks now and the stretches he gave me and the modified approaches to my cardio fitness have been working wonders. We are building up slowly and I’m happy to say I’ll be making my marathon this year thanks to his help. His full body approach makes a ton of sense in fixing the why behind my injury. Best physical therapy in Brighton. PS go check out his FREE youtube channel for exercises.

Vince M.

I had been having shoulder pain on/off for about a year and headaches. I was not sure what was causing the pain or what to do about it. I saw a chiropractor and physical therapist who both helped but the pain was still there. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance and Wellness. After a movement assessment, Dr. Joey showed me the video recording of how I was moving and explained the gameplan for how I was going to move better and get out of pain. I am so happy that I listened because now I do not have pain and no longer have headaches. The difference between the treatment I got from Dr. Joey was the dry needling off my upper traps and also the online program to help me between sessions. I was able to complete the exercises for relief at home and then did strengthening work for my shoulder. The results have been amazing and I am so happy that I came to see Dr. Joey! Best physical therapy in Brighton and I am confident he will be able to help you too!

Caitie T.

Dr. Joey Seyforth is an amazing gift to our family and our son Joseph in particular. Joseph is a 16-year-old varsity pitcher and baseball player in Denver. Last fall he tore his labrum, and we defaulted to the only physical therapist group we knew, but they were generalists. After several months of rehab and negligible progress we began to ask questions of his therapists who assured us that we simply needed to be patient. We then started asking around for other referrals and will be forever grateful that we were introduced to Joey. Our son had immediate results and experienced more progress by the third week than he had in the prior multiple months combined. Joey impressed us from our first conversation with his genuine interest in wanting to help Joseph and the breadth and depth of expertise he has. He complements all his knowledge with technology and an ability to teach that we have never seen before. Joey was consistent and systematic in partnering with Joseph as he made impressive progress from simply being able to throw to progressively increasing his throwing distance pain free. We saw Joseph’s attitude shift from frustration and doubt to hope, confidence, and happiness along the way. Joey made us feel like Joseph was the most important patient under his care by the way everything was customized and personalized to meet our unique situation. We cannot thank you enough Joey for your authenticity, compassion, and proficiency.

Ben W.

After having months of knee pain and not being able to run or hike, I knew I needed to get some answers. I tried traditional physical therapy and was given clam shells and band walks as my main form of rehab exercises. I did not gain any progress in 6 weeks and did not work with the same therapist each time. I was extremely frustrated and was about to give up on physical therapy and stop running.

I found Dr. Joey and scheduled an evaluation. After being video recorded and having strength and movements assessments done, Dr. Joey told me exactly what was going on and found I was limited in my ankles and did not have nearly enough hip strength on my side that had knee pain. I was shocked by the strength differences and knew he was finding the why behind the injury. Dr. Joey wrote me an online program to follow and I would come in for dry needling and soft tissue work and to progress my exercises. Each visit had a specific gameplan and I knew exactly what was expected of me between sessions. I can now run pain free and after following Dr. Joey’s return to running program, I feel so much better. If you are having knee issues, go to Comeback Performance & Wellness. Don’t waste your time at other physical therapy places and not getting results. Best physical therapy in Brighton and it is great knowing I have someone I can trust to help me perform by best.

Jacob G.

I brought my 14 year old son to Physical Therapy sessions with Dr. Joey, and we couldn’t be happier. My son was experiencing pain in many different areas from many different things. His gait was off from a past broken ankle injury, he had pain in his heels from Severs disease, pain in his knees from growing and osgood-schlatter disease, and at some point had a sore rotator cuff from pitching. He plays football and baseball and wanted to perform better in both sports. Dr. Joey helps him feel relief with everything he’s going through and has helped him stretch and get stronger after every appointment. My son feels at his very best after his Physical Therapy appointments with Dr. Joey. Dr. Joey also introduced him to proper squat and lunge mechanics, which has helped him tremendously, on and off the field. We love working with Dr. Joey and feel very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and caring Physical therapist. Dr. Joey is the very best! Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Summer R.

Dr. Joey is an absolute god-send when it comes to anything and everything active recovery wise. I had 3 significant injuries and Dr. Joey was able to get me back to playing soccer and lifting quickly and without pain. I had been having significant lower back pain and Dr. Joey took the time to video me doing daily lifts to really get a good look at my squat form. We were able to identify where this lower back pain was coming from and he created a treatment plan to not only attack the current issue but prevent future pain. Not long after I pulled my hamstring and could not run, jump, or exercise without pain. Within 8 weeks he had me back on the field, again providing me with active recovery and physical therapy to not only repair but also strengthen my hamstring and the muscles around it. Dr. Joey has always impressed me with his candidness and his genuine love for physical therapy by always wanting to get better. I was having severe upper foot and ankle pain and after a few weeks of treatment it was not healing so Dr. Joey encouraged me to get X-rays. He set everything up for me and when I returned he found that we were dealing with something he had never heard of before, a Tailor Beak. Instead of sending me elsewhere, Dr. Joey did his research, reached out to elder colleagues and was able to put a treatment plan together. He always makes sure that I am only coming to see him for treatment, he doesn’t over schedule and I can truly see that this is a passion for Dr. Joey and not just something to make him money. I have a personal training business and I always recommend my clients to him because I know he will take care of them and get them back in no time. Highly recommend Dr. Joey and Comeback Performance for his professionalism, knowledge and personable way of going about business with a true passion and poise. Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Erin G.

I originally went to Dr. Joey for some shoulder pain with CrossFit that I had been dealing with for a few months. He took me through a bunch of exercises, helping me to pinpoint where exactly my pain was coming from. Once diagnosed, we went through corrective exercises to help me strengthen the shoulder to get me back to what I love doing most, CrossFit! Dr. Joey is very diligent and even showed me on an anatomy app where my pain and weaknesses were coming from. He took pictures and videos of both of my shoulders to help me get a better understanding of the differences between the two sides. Dr. Joey himself is a great athlete and an even better therapist! Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Noah T.

Dr. Joey is one of the best physical therapists out there! I’ve been working with him for almost a year now. I had a severe ankle sprain 3 weeks before my triathlon and CrossFit competition, Dr. Joey not only helped me recover for the running portion of the Triathlon but I was also able to get under heavy weight as well the following day for my competition. I highly recommend giving Dr. Joey a try he won’t let you down! I have coached CrossFit for years and send Dr. Joey crossfitters because I know he can help them and understands CrossFit and barbell movements. Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Brian L.

I can’t properly articulate the positive impact Dr. Joey had on my recovery from multiple surgeries. He is one of the best physical therapists that I have worked with over the years. Dr. Joey helped through PT sessions that allowed my body to heal and corrected all of the associated aches and pains. Dr. Joey also provided an in-depth daily routine which helped create strength again. Most importantly, though, was Dr. Joey’s ability to think of everything during my recovery. After a bone failed to heal after a fusion, of all the medical professionals I was seeing, Dr. Joey was the only person who suggested I have my vitamin D levels checked. My Vitamin D was low and I was able to correct it through supplements. This, in turn, allowed my fusion to take. Dr. Joey truly goes above and beyond as a therapist and I highly recommend him. Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Derek B.

I was having trouble with my upper bicep/shoulder on my left arm that was making it difficult for me to do simple things like lifting, playing catch with my son and grabbing things from the top shelf. I thought to myself I might need surgery or something but after my first visit with Dr. Joey he gave me hope that he could help me get my arm back to normal. I had sessions with him starting with simple stretches that he assigned for me to do at home to help with mobility, to then having me use bands to help with loosening up the muscle. We also tried dry needling which honestly I think helped find tension in other areas surrounding my shoulder like my back and chest where I had shifted my strength to when trying to use my arm. Dr. Joey specializes in working with shoulders and he allowed me to get back into the gym and lifting weights again. As we got to the end of my sessions I was able to use my arm and was no longer feeling the pain I once had. Dr. Joey’s techniques, knowledge and experience with arm/shoulder pain truly shows as I no longer have issues and has given me the confidence to lift weights again and lift smart. Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Sean C.

After suffering a shoulder injury, Dr. Joey worked with me to get me back to doing the things that I love. His personalized approach coupled with the effort he put into my treatment was something that I will always be grateful for. Dr. Joey is a true professional and someone I would recommend time and time again for anyone needing to see a top notch physical therapist. His approach to understanding the why behind an injury and being able to explain it so clearly is amazing. Being able to workout again changed my life and allowed me to take back control. Best physical therapist in Brighton.

Dom M.

I originally came in to see Dr. Joey for physical therapy for some shoulder/neck pain I have been bothered by for most of my life. In our time together we worked on adjusting my posture and my shoulder mobility. After just a few sessions of different exercises and dry needling virtually all my pain in my shoulder has subsided. I still do the easy, at home exercises today if I feel it start to flare up. During this time I had also suffered a high ankle sprain that looked as if I would be out for the rest of the season. Dr. Joey and I were determined for me to get back on the soccer field so we bumped up to 2 sessions a week. At the start and end of each session we would measure the mobility of my ankle. Dr. Joey would carefully move around and stretch my ankle always being careful not to push my limits. Though he was careful not to overdo it, my sessions did get more and more challenging as I progressed. We went from assisted ankle movement to full on jumping from one foot to the other and doing soccer specific drills. I started noticing improvement almost immediately. It was super important to do the at home work that came along with PT too. I used the exercises he taught me while I watched tv or even while I was riding in the car. Dr. Joey constantly reinforced at home work and, though it was tedious, it helped excel my recovery immensely. Having someone as interested in your recovery as you are is really special. This kind of passion is needed in this field so I strongly recommend Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance to get you back on the field and even stronger than before. Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Sophia B.

Dr. Joey Seyforth has been helping get back on the ice, doing blood flow restriction training getting my right knee back to pain free! Others scraping dry needling and stretching Dr. Joey has been a great help. I was having pain in my knee by lifting it off the table and by the end of rehab I was back on the ice playing hockey without issues. The dry needling was great for helping calm down my knee pain and then doing strengthening exercises after. Dr. Joey is great at physical therapy and can help you with your pain. Best physical therapist in Brighton.

Caleb K.

Dr. Seyforth
When I ruptured my Achilles back in the summer of 2021 I was devastated. I knew I would have to have surgery and subsequently my road to recovery would be long and ambiguous. I didn’t know if I would get back to the activities that I once enjoyed. Funny enough I met Dr. Seyforth in CrossFit class and through our conversations found out that he was a physical therapist. On the spot he offered his time and services. He counseled me, instructed, and encouraged me in the 6 months we worked together. Dr. Seyforth was very committed in helping me restore the quality of my physical well being that I had once before. Besides that, Dr. Seyforth is an all around genuine person. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor to help me rehab and get back to the physical activities that I enjoy. Dr. Seyforth coaches CrossFit and understands the demands placed on the body and coached me through how to modify workouts so I was not missing time in the gym. Since working with Dr. Seyforth I have hit PR’s (personal best) in CrossFit class and am able to participate in sports and games once more. If you are wanting to restore and even eclipse the physical strength you once had, Dr. Seyforth is your guy. The proof is in the pudding! Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Nile S.

I worked with Dr. Joey for an entire year and would highly recommend to anyone recovering from or wanting to prevent a sports injury. He helped me get back on the field after a stress fractured tibia sustained from soccer. During recovery he helped me keep my muscles from atrophying by utilizing blood flow restrictive training and building core strength. Once I could bare full weight again he used various modalities including strength training, dry needling, massage, stretching, weight distribution and balance. I could tell that he really cared about my progress and went above and beyond to help me recover. I can’t thank Dr. Joey enough for all he did for me! Best physical therapist in Brighton! I am very pleased with my progress and knowing exactly what was expected of me to complete at home. It is nice to know that I can reach out when I have questions in the future and he can let me know his honest opinion. If you are looking to spend more time on the field and less on the sideline injured, Dr. Joey is your go to physical therapist!

Maya P.

Dr. Joey is the man! He definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to understanding your injuries and rehab. Dr. Joey brings physical therapy to an entirely different level. He comes at things from an athlete standpoint; not just a clinical. More importantly he’s great at helping you build a plan for all your goals. He’s also just a great guy who genuinely wants to help you make sense of your injuries. If you are a barbell athlete, you need to find a healthcare provider that gets it like Dr. Joey. He will individualize a plan to fit your specific needs and get you better than you were before. Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Mike S.

I came to see Dr. Joey after having on and off back pain for 5+ years. I thought I could just fix it by myself, but the issues kept reappearing. I was then recommended to Dr. Joey by a close friend. I had never been to physical therapy before and was kind of skeptical going into it but I am SO thankful I did. Dr. Joey was incredibly helpful and changed everything for me. He helped strengthen not only my back but many other areas I had no idea would even be related. He tailored a plan specifically for me to help get me back to where I was.

Dr. Joey knew that I had goals to get back to the gym (squatting, dead-lifting, etc.) and playing recreational sports. He was very deliberate in his plan of incrementally introducing me to exercises to strengthen my back and loosen up my hips. He didn’t stop there, however. He also assessed other areas of my anatomy (ankles, hips, spine) to make ensure I worked on areas that may be contributing to chronic pain. It turns out, there was! In addition to strengthening my back, we also worked on ankle mobility, squat and dead-lift mechanics, and core strength. Dr. Joey even recorded me deadlifting and broke down my mechanics in the same session and updated my program to help fix deadlifting mistakes. These exercises were a game changer!

I’m happy to say that I’ve never been stronger than I am now. But most importantly, I’ve never been more confident in the durability of my back. I contribute this mostly to Dr. Joey. He listened to me and looked at me as an individual and was able to put together a plan for me to follow. I would feel comfortable sending any of my friends and family to him knowing they’ll be in great hands. Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Cooper K.

As one of Dr. Joey’s patients and as a personal trainer myself, Dr. Joey’s extensive knowledge of how the body works was what ultimately got me back to my top performance level after pulling my quad. I came to Dr. Joey with a problem, we did a deep assessment, found the issue and came up with a treatment plan that allowed me to get back to my athletic lifestyle quickly and efficiently. As an athlete, Dr. Joey understands what it takes to get athletes feeling like themselves, rebuilding the mental and physical confidence. Dr. Joey is a great physical therapist and understands that every athlete is different. If you are an athlete, I highly recommend adding Dr. Joey to your regimen to keep you healthy and progressing in your athletic endeavors. Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Deron S.

Dr. Joey is the absolute best! When I had growing concerns about foot pain, he was able to access my area of concern and provide me with different techniques on how to attack my pain area. Dr. Joey looked at me walking and then did an evaluation of my entire body. Dr. Joey has great knowledge of physical therapy and gave me answers to why I was having pain and made me a gameplan of exercises  for foot and ankle rehab to complete. Above all, he really took the time to actively listen to my concerns, and ask follow up questions that let me know that he really cares. I’d recommend anyone to check out Dr. Joey! Best physical therapy in Brighton for rehab.

Taryn H.

After countless years of playing baseball, I began to develop major shoulder issues. Both mobility and strength were very low, which was a very frustrating issue to try and power through on my own. I ultimately found Dr. Joey through numerous recommendations, and quickly began physical therapy sessions with him. Dr. Joey’s knowledge and experience was shown instantaneously in the first meeting we had, as he knew exactly what the issues were originating from and how to deal with them.

I started my recovery and strengthening journey with two sessions a week with Dr. Joey, which became a high point in my week. Dr. Joey is very professional, personal, and most importantly intentional, with his clients during these sessions. We began working on primarily mobility training that consisted of stretches, body weight exercises, and resistance band workouts. Once, mobility increased and pain decreased, we started to incorporate weighted movements such as dumbbell bench and kettlebell exercises. At the end of each session, he would give me exercises and workouts that I could do at home to increase the speed of recovery. The best thing about working with Dr. Joey is that he would push me to get better each session both mentally and physically. After a few months, when I completed my physical therapy with Dr. Joey, I began to weight train again which I saw rapid results of strength without pain and discomfort. He retaught me how to workout by using better techniques and form, in order to prevent any injuries in the future. It was truly the best decision to start physical therapy with Dr. Joey and I am thrilled with the results that both him and I fought hard to achieve. He is great at baseball rehab and is the best physical therapy in Brighton, hands down.

Sean F.

I went to see Dr. Joey due to having plantar fasciitis foot pain that was limiting me from running and being active. I tried various youtube videos from rolling it out with a water bottle to stretching over and over. I went to see a physical therapist and they prescribed the same exact things and I continued to not get relief. I was frustrated because I would continue to go in each week and the exercises never changed. I was sitting on a table stretching my calf that felt like it was doing nothing to help me.

I found Dr. Joey and after the first session I knew we were onto something good. Dr. Joey looked at my entire body and found that I was shifting in my squats and lunges and was putting more stress on that area. He took video of me doing different movements and broke them down. After this he sent me home with an online rehab plan and we did check ins each week. I can now run and doing everything PAIN FREE and have gotten my life back. I cannot thank Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance & Wellness enough for helping me out and finding a solution to my plantar fasciitis. Best physical therapy in Brighton, and he is worth every penny.

Bert K.

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Bruno and I reached out to Joey Seyforth and Comeback Performance for my son, Charlie, when he started having chronic elbow pain after baseball games and practice. Dr. Joey came to our home and completed an extensive diagnostic evaluation and presented us with a comprehensive treatment plan. As we continued through treatment and hit a few barriers, Dr. Joey took extra time to consult and re-adjust Charlie’s treatment protocol to ensure we were making progress. Throughout the process, Joey checked in on Charlie frequently and once treatment was completed followed up later to ensure he was still doing well. The cost is perhaps more than others but Dr. Joey’s ability to come to the home, bring the needed equipment, use of technology, and clear and consistent communication made the price well worth it. Charlie has maintained his treatment results throughout the season and we cannot thank Dr. Joey enough!

Elizabeth B.

Dr. Joey with Comeback Performance is hands down the most knowledgeable physical therapist I’ve ever worked with. He has always been able to figure out the cause of pain and eliminate it quickly. His extensive knowledge in baseball, CrossFit, and recovery puts him above the rest in his field! His approach to look at the entire body and movement is different from a lot of physical therapists and puts him ahead of others. I could not recommend Dr. Joey enough for anyone looking to feel better and perform their best! Best physical therapy in Brighton and I will continue to send my friends and family and anywhere who needs to get serious results.

Kyle R.

I have worked with Dr. Joey for low back and hip pain that was hurting for years. I thought this was something that I was going to have to learn to deal with. I am a nurse and would feel the pain when lifting patients or after a long shift. Dr. Joey did a movement exam on me and video recorded my movement and broke them down. I was a lot weaker in hinge positions and he geared the rehab program towards this. Not only do I no longer have hip or back pain but I have the confidence to lift heavy weight and patients without being afraid.

Dr. Joey does physical therapy a lot differently and provides one on one care every session. I did not need to see him for very many sessions because he created a rehab program for me to complete at home and we would change the exercises every 1-2 weeks. I would send my family and friends to him in a heartbeat and am happy to know that I know a great physical therapist. Best physical therapy in Brighton and if you are looking to find relief for your back or hip pain, Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance & Wellness is the doctor to go to.

Sarah M.

I had an injury to my right arm last year and was evaluated by Dr. Joey at his office. He was able to identify what was hurt and developed an effective treatment plan for me. Over the next few months my arm made a full recovery with Dr. Joey’s help. He worked with me at a pace that I could handle and tried a variety of methods to find the best solutions. I highly recommend Joe and will seek him out in the future for any physical therapy needs. Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Julie F.

Dr. Joey Seyforth is the best physical therapist I’ve had, ever. His service, is the best physical therapy you can get in Brighton, Colorado.
I came to joey because of shoulder pain while lifting. The pain was in the front/top of my shoulder, and felt like it was in the shoulder joint.
From the first session I had with Joey, I had complete confidence that what I was dealing with was not hopeless. It felt completely different than any other physical therapy consultation I’ve had.
It was surprising, because I had been to TWO physical therapists before Joey for the same problem. I had a consultation for surgery the week before I took, what I felt, was my last chance to solve this without going under the knife.. And man, I am so lucky I did it.
Joey broke down my movement in ways no one else spent the time to do. I feel like he was just able to laser in on the things that mattered, in a way my other physical therapists couldn’t be bothered to.
He designed an efficient program for me, and taught me what I needed to make longterm improvements in my shoulder. NO SURGERY FOR ME!
I know who to go to, and who to send the people I know to. Dr. Joey is the real deal. I have saved myself weeks or months of rehab after surgery, time, money, and sanity by finding Joey. Thank you, Doctor S.

Evan J.

I saw Dr. Joey for plantar fasciitis and knew I needed to see a physical therapist. He did not treat my foot in isolation, but was also able to evaluate and identify imbalances and weaknesses in my hips and glutes that were contributing to the strain on my foot. Dr. Joey taught me exercises to target these areas, and by doing so, he not only helped my foot issues, but he also improved my overall strength and balance, which has really helped me to ski and run better, and without pain. I was given an online program with exercises that helped keep me accountable and Dr. Joey gave me progressions every week. Highly recommend Dr. Joey for physical therapy services, best physical therapy in Brighton!

Patricia Y.

I saw Dr. Joey after having hip surgery, and after the first appointment, I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Joey wrote out the exact timeline of what he expected and what I needed to do at physical therapy as well as at home to get there. Dr. Joey create an online program for me that told me exactly what the exercise was, when I needed to do it, weight, sets, and reps. He told me that if I wanted to get back to playing soccer overseas that I would need to commit to soccer rehab to get there. Early on we did passive range of motion exercises to get my hip moving better after surgery and then we transitioned to blood flow restriction training. This is a game changer as I was able to do bodyweight exercises but would feel like I was squatting a lot of weight and my body would adapt to as if I was. Dr. Joey would text me between sessions and also dry needle my hip when I needed it. Best physical therapy in Brighton, and Dr. Joey should be every soccer athletes’ go to physical therapist for rehab and performance.

Ty B.

Thank goodness for Joey!

I threw out my back during a CrossFit workout and he was kind enough to get me on his schedule immediately.

I was so grateful for that level of service. But, I was even more blown away by his knowledge and professionalism!

He is a highly skilled physical therapist who treated my back pain in one session. Then he helped me diagnose the root cause of the pain so I was less likely to re-injure myself.

I have been pain and injury free since!

Thanks for the excellent care, Joey.

Kalyca Z.

I saw Dr. Joey for back pain I was experiencing with hitting and sprinting. The pain was minimal and then progressed to me missing parts of practice and games. My brother saw Dr. Joey for soccer rehab and performance and has been doing great with it. Dr. Joey did dry needling on my back and also gave me exercises with an online program for me to do at home. Dr. Joey also video recorded the exercises and sent them to me at the end of each session so that I knew exactly what I needed to do. He is your go to for baseball rehab and performance. Thanks for helping me get back into baseball. Best physical therapy in Brighton.

Chava B.

Joey is unlike any PT we have worked with. He understands the need to get back to functionality ASAP and provides extended appointments to evaluate progress, work on body work and then go through specific exercises. It is not at all cookie cutter. I love that he works with athletes and understands their needs. My daughter had a severe ankle sprain and after her first appointment, she had a significant reduction in pain. Within a month she was running again and her ankle is now stronger than when we started. She recently re-injured her ankle during a race and because of the work we did with Joey on her initial injury, he had her released to running again the next day. Long story short, I’ve worked with a lot of PTs in my life and Joey is hands-down the best!

Meg T.

I met Dr. Joey through my CrossFit gym. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 10+ years and had been having some neck and shoulder pain that was not only affecting my workouts but sometimes made it difficult to pick up kids or sleep at night. It wasn’t constant but I could never predict when it would flare up. I’ve spent the last few months working with Dr. Joey and my mobility and movement has drastically improved. The tension in my neck and shoulders has decreased and I feel like I have the tools moving forward to stay on track. The PT programming is going to keep me active and in the gym which is exactly what I was looking for.

Jenny P.

Dr. Joey has always been a phone call away as I’ve asked him many questions from an endless supply of injuries over the years from doing CrossFit and leading an active lifestyle. Easily the best physical therapist in Brighton.

Justin P.

I am going into my freshman year of college as a Division 1 baseball pitcher at St. Thomas. I have been dealing with elbow issues for a while, seen many physical therapists over the past year but none have been as in-depth or helpful as Dr. Joey. He understood my current situation and my past history and spent time writing me a unique program to attack my individual needs. My elbow feels looser and less irritated after seeing him only one time. Thank you Dr. Joey! Best physical therapist in Brighton. He knows throwing injuries and baseball rehab better than anyone else in town.

Nola B.

I have had an excellent experience in the treatment of my sciatic nerve pain with Dr. Joey. He is knowledgeable, kind and caring. He has helped in pinpointing problem areas as well as showing me exercises to overcome issues.

Blanche R.

I went to Dr. Joey for help in order to understand more about physical therapy as I want to study it in college. He’s been willing to help me get where I need. I’ve attended one of his shoulder workshops and can confidently say he knows what he’s doing. When I watched him help everyone else who dealt with some sort of shoulder pain he was patient and very detailed. As well as, he was able to find the root of the problem and his work is efficient. I wouldn’t and didn’t hesitate when referring him to someone. Dr. Joey gets to the root cause of pain and then will video record and go through movement assessments to guide his treatment philosophy. His attention to detail and ability to explain how the shoulder moves and why different exercises can help is amazing. Comeback Performance is the go to clinic for shoulder rehab, best physical therapy in Brighton!

Hailey H.

I saw Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance for shoulder pain that was on/off for 2 years. My shoulder pain would flare up whenever I would start working out more at the gym. I was not sure what was going on and was starting to not workout. I saw a massage therapist, acupuncturist, and a chiropractor. Everything was hands on and I would get some relief but it never fixed it. I was skeptical at first to try physical therapy but am so glad that I did.

I found Dr. Joey through his instagram page and started watching his videos and decided to reach out. After the first session, I knew I was in great hands. I learned what the shoulder was made up of by the anatomy app on his ipad and video recording me lifting my arms overhead and pressing with a barbell and outlined exactly what was going on. This was the first time someone actually gave me answers and it made sense. We worked together moving forward and I followed the online programming. I was significantly better after a few sessions and my shoulder feels so much stronger than before. I am back to working out and not being afraid of lifting.

I cannot recommend Dr. Joey enough for physical therapy and getting you out of pain. Best physical therapy in Brighton and the go to for shoulder rehab. 5/5 stars from me!

Jessica H.

I had a rotator cuff surgery in 2012 on my right shoulder, and in 2023, was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff on the left side. My shoulder was weak and painful. I was contemplating an MRI when I met Dr. Joey at my gym. He told me that a torn rotator cuff was normal for a person my age and that he would recommend that I NOT get an MRI and work with him to repair my shoulder without surgery. I thought about the previous surgery and thought that the first surgery was so difficult to recover from, it is worth a try to eliminate the need for surgery. I worked with Dr. Joey for 4 months and I am so grateful to have found him as an option. He is a body whisperer! His knowledge and innate understanding of the body is extraordinary. Dr. Joey helped me get stronger and taught me exercises and stretches that helped with mobility and pain. Dr. Joey will always be my choice to help my body repair itself. I will always choose working with Dr. Joey, instead of surgery! Thanks Doc! Best physical therapy in Brighton!

Michelle M.

Cannot say enough positive things about working with Joey. I’d been to two PTs in the past, neither of whom helped resolve the actual cause of my back pain. Joey’s approach to treatment is personalized, and he does an excellent job helping modify exercises as needed. Not only can I say that I am mostly pain free after 10 weeks of working with him, I also know what to keep up with and watch for to stay on a healthy track in the future. If you are an athlete- this is your guy.

Alex D.

One of the things that really stood out to me about Dr. Seyforth is his attention to detail. He listened very closely and asked very good questions. Definitely takes his time in assessing. I absolutely love how he shows you exactly what he sees and explains very well what is happening. After only a few exercises I felt an immediate difference. The BEST Physical Therapist in Brighton!! One of a kind and will definitely be going back!

Donna M.

Joey delivers the best care to those who walk into his doors. Extremely knowledgeable coach with a true passion for helping others reach their optimal peak performance. Highly recommended for anyone looking to truly invest within their health, rather than just being treated and prescribed exercises for their recovery.

Russel B.

Dr. Joey helped me come back from a leg fracture skiing this past spring. He’s been able to give me rehabilitation programs, does hands on therapies like scrapping aka Graston and dry needling. I feel I’m already back to normal, but probably will be better than ever after working with Dr. Joey, who’s of course the best physical therapist in Brighton. Joey knows his CrossFit, baseball and shoulder rehab too!

Norris G.

I worked with Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance for shoulder pain that was keeping me from working out. I was told numerous things from different healthcare workers from rest to ice to looking into an injection. I was recommended to Dr. Joey by a friend who also had shoulder pain. After the first visit, I was confident that I would be back to lifting in the gym again. Dr. Joey video recorded me shoulder pressing and we found differences and then used a strength test machine to see how my shoulders compared to one another. I was weak with overhead testing and Dr. Joey created a plan addressing my specific needs.

My friend who also had shoulder pain had a way different program than me and this was awesome to know that it was geared to me and not just every person with shoulder pain. I am back to pain free lifting in the gym and feel stronger than ever. I continue to do some of the later stage exercises to keep up with the shoulder stability and am happy to be training again. Go see Dr. Joey with Comeback Performance for your shoulder issues, hands down he will get you better and stronger than ever. Best physical therapist in Brighton!

Alex E.

I am a highly competitive CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting athlete, and recently tore my meniscus at a competition. As a physical therapist myself, it’s not enough to try to manage my own condition, we need outside perspectives from other movement experts in our profession. Therefore, it was a no brainer that Dr. Joey was the one to call! Managing my knee injury was a TRUE comeback experience and definitely the best physical therapy in Brighton! He helped me find the best pain management strategies in the short term, gradual progressions for returning to weightlifting in the long term, and helping me stay motivated while modifying workouts along the way. Dr. Joey is incredibly knowledgeable, a fantastic communicator, and best of all, an athlete himself. He understands the complexity of a multi-faceted sport, and is dedicated to researching the best strategies to better his athletes’ outcomes. I cannot be more grateful for his expertise, as he is truly revolutionizing physical therapy in the CrossFit space!!!

Jessie C.

I had such a great experience working with Dr. Joey as my physical therapist! He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does which shows through in his approach with patients. Dr. Joey is very thorough and answered all of my questions. I felt very well supported in between sessions with guided exercises provided from him. I would highly recommend Dr. Joey to anyone needing a physical therapist or experiencing pain or discomfort! He’s the best physical therapist in Brighton!

Britni B.

After having years of upper back pain, I saw Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance and Wellness. After the evaluation, Dr. Joey knew exactly what I needed and started with dry needling that first session. The dry needling felt amazing and made my back tension feel way better. Dr. Joey wrote me programming for me to complete at home and in between sessions. The exercises worked on my thoracic spine mobility as well as strengthening. I am on my feet a lot at work and Dr. Joey gave me exercises to complete throughout the day that would help relieve the tension. Finding a physical therapist that not only cares about you but is able to create a plan that makes sense has been awesome. Healthcare would be a lot better if there were other physical therapists like Dr. Joey. Best physical therapy in Brighton, thank you for helping me get better and stronger!!

Tyler W.

I went to see Dr. Joey because of shoulder pain due to resistance training. I started making progress and improving ROM from the very first session. My shoulder improved weekly as I worked with Dr. Joey weekly for several weeks. I will not hesitate to hire Dr. Joey again or to refer him to anyone I know that is in need of a physical therapist.

Matt S.

Dr. Joey is the man when it comes to baseball rehab and performance. His knowledge of baseball and throwing mechanics are amazing. I am also a physical therapist and cannot recommend him enough for throwing athletes. Dr. Joey’s ability to break down pitching mechanics and to outline the why behind injury is huge. I have learned different exercises and technique from him that I now use with baseball athletes to help improve their velocity and decrease injury risk. Baseball physical therapists are hard to find and knowing that your kid is in good hands is huge. Best physical therapy in Brighton and if you want your kids to improve their baseball performance Dr. Joey at Comeback Performance and Wellness is your answer!

Charles G.

Dr. Seyforth is the top PT when it comes to knowing how to treat baseball players and how to improve their performance on the field! He is passionate and cares deeply for all his clients and their well-being. I would highly recommend Dr Seyforth to anyone looking to improve their athletic performance and get out of pain!

Jomar F.

Dr Seyforth is your go to for anything rehab and performance related in the Brighton area. His extensive knowledge of sports related injury and rehab makes him an ideal practitioner for baseball and CrossFit athletes as well as anyone in between. Dr Seyforth truly cares about his patients and their outcomes which is evident when working with him throughout the rehab process. His desire to provide exceptional physical therapy doesn’t go unnoticed. I wouldn’t hesitate to send friends and family his way as I know he will provide the best physical theory and rehab there is to offer. Dr Seyforth is the best physical therapist in Brighton and you can trust him with any of your rehab or athletic performance needs.

Daniel K.

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